Sell Now – How it works

1. Provide device details and get a price quote

2. Book a home pick-up or visit the nearest store

3. Your device will be assessed for condition

4. Opt for a certified data wipe service (Optional)

5. Sell and get instant cash 

1. How do I get paid?

A. You will be given instant cash.

2. What about my data?

A. We understand data privacy is a genuine concern. We recommend that you do a factory reset before handing over the device.
For a small fee, we could also erase data on your phone and tablet, using internationally approved software (used by leading brands in the USA and Europe). The data erasure for smartphones and tablets will be done in your presence and takes an average of 2 to 3 minutes. However since laptop data erasure takes 1-2 hours, we will have to take it back to our central processing center. Once completed we will instantly send you a data wipe certificate as proof of data erasure.

3. How is the condition and price of my device determined?

A. There is a clear description of the condition and the price on our website. Our representative uses our App to verify the condition of your device, and our system automatically confirms the price based on that information. Fast, easy, and no haggling! Based on the final condition of your device, you will be guaranteed a payout from one of the four prices listed. What you see is what you get.

4. What does the condition of my device mean?

A. There are 4 different grades to describe what shape your device is Flawless, Good, Average, and Below Average. These grades are based on how your device looks and how well it works.
An accurate description of the condition of your device and its features is crucial to have a fast and smooth process, as the condition of your device impacts the amount that will be offered to you.

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